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AuSable River Dash For Cash Canoe Race
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AuSable River Dash For Cash Canoe Race

4420 N. US 23,   AuSable, MI  48750
(989) 739-9169 





H. Township closing of offices

I. Staff and employee pay during shutdown

J. Establishment of Executive committee and limits of authority

K. Supervisor’s authority during emergency situation


AuSable Township Government and Virus Precautions

16 March 2020

Immediate Precautions

- Stay home if you or an in-resident family member feels ill.

- Use care when touching surfaces.

- Wash hands frequently

- Limit close proximity and physical contact with people

- Frequently disinfect all work surfaces such as counters, door handles, staplers, keyboards, cell phones, communal writing instruments, industrial equipment, tools, shared vehicle surfaces, etc.

- Employees are to immediately notify the Township Supervisor or Superintendent if they or another person living in the same home has a confirmed case of Corona Virus.


Shutdown Precautions

Township operations are shut down. Residents and property owners are encouraged to plan accordingly. We have prepared the following procedures that are in effect immediately:


Utility billing will operate at a limited extent. The following methods of payment will still be available and timely payment is encouraged to prevent confusion:

              - Via internet on the Township website

- Utilize the drop box in the Township parking lot

- Over the phone using a credit card by calling 1-800-438-9926 access code 3289 (can take up to 48 hours to process)


- Transfer of funds via person to person will not occur.

- Late fees and water shut-offs will be waived during this current billing period. However, late fees prior to the shutdown period will not be waived.

- Normal billing, turning-on service, and shut-offs will resume in the next billing period.

- Water and sewer employees may not be available to enter your home/structure during this time related to water turn-ons and meter maintenance. Please plan accordingly.

Incoming Phone Calls

Staff will not be available to take phones calls. If you have an emergency, please call central dispatch at 911. Otherwise, please utilize email as your primary means of communication with Township staff. Some offices will still correspond by email during the shutdown.


- Notices will be sent to the newspaper, radio station, and posted on the Township Facebook page, and Township Website.


- Critical operations will continue such as maintaining water/sewer infrastructures.

- The Treasurer, Clerk, Superintendent, and Supervisor will still perform primary functions; however, it will be from their homes to the largest extent possible.

- Township employees will be paid normal pay rates during the shut-down.

- It is imperative that employees and officials do not come to work during this time except for absolute critical situations/operations. This is to prevent the potential of further spread via Township facilities/assets in an attempt to protect the health and welfare of employees, residents, and visitors.

- During shutdown, employees are to stay near a means of communication in the event we need to call anyone back for emergency purposes.

- Employees are to keep in mind to not treat this as a vacation. It is imperative to practice social distancing to ensure you do not carry the virus back to work when the township reopens or if you are called back for emergency purposes/critical operations.


Emergency Services

- Police operations will continue but may become limited in the event of a potential manning shortage and possibly the need to limit exposure to other people.

- Fire department operations will continue as normal. However, the weekly meetings and training sessions will be cancelled until further notice.

- DPW will operate its critical operations only. Non-critical operations will be suspended.



- Regularly scheduled meetings are cancelled and will resume in May. Special meetings due to critical zoning activities may be needed during this time as a result. The fees for special meetings as a result of government shutdowns will be waived until normal activities resume. Only critical issues will be selected for special meetings. If a special meeting is scheduled, it will be open to the public, but anyone having signs of illness are encouraged to not attend to prevent any potential spread of viruses.

- Zoning permits:  Permits will be determined on a limited basis. Property owners and contractors are encouraged to consider delays in project planning to help limit the spread of viruses. For critical projects, please contact the superintendent via email.

Code compliance  

Enforcement activities will be delayed until the Township reopens. Any code violation deadlines will be extended during this time. Outstanding fees will also be granted an extension during this time.


Most assessing activities are suspended until the Township re-opens. Property owners are encouraged to utilize the internet services provided by the Township, County, and State for research and to save any questions or issues until reopening of assessing services. Assessing staff will conduct only critical activities that the State requires during this time. If you need to contact the assessor, you can leave a voice mail at 989-820-6961


Board of Trustee meetings

Regularly scheduled Board meetings will be held on a case by case basis. Cancellations will be determined the day prior to the meeting. Special meetings will be scheduled based on critical activities. Otherwise, executive staff will handle all necessary interim decision making (based on inherent statutory authorities) until normal activities can resume. If a special meeting is scheduled, it will be open to the public, but anyone having signs of illness are encouraged to not attend meetings to prevent any potential spread of viruses.


Re-opening process

Upon return to work, all employees are to immediately engage in a thorough cleaning and disinfecting process of their work areas, common areas, and equipment.

Employees must be prepared to work an accelerated work pace upon return to work. Overtime will be determined on a very limited basis.

These procedures may change according to the dynamic developments of viruses, State mandates, and public health and welfare.


Thank you,

Kevin Beliveau

Supervisor, Charter Township of AuSable


Please refer to the Michigan website for information regarding:
Shoreine Management, Protecting Your Shoreline, Great Lakes Water Levels,
Permit Requirements, and other Frequently Asked Questions

EGLE Environmental Assistance Center - (800-662-9278)









When you are ready to have the water turned back on at the curb stop,
please give us a 24 hr. notice.  We must have someone there when we 
make the appointment in case there is a leak and we need to turn it back off.
The charge is $12.50 and will be added to your water bill.





You may think those little leaks in your bathroom don't amount to much, but not so.  The smallest
drip can be found in your bathroom.  Toilet tank leaks, almost undetectable to the naked eye, can add 
$25.00 or more to your monthly bill. There are pamphlets at our office that you may pick up and test
strips for your toilet tank to check from these types of leaks.  Here are some suggestions:
*Check your toilet tank at least twice a year
*Turn the water off - Don't let it run when you wash, 
brush your teeth, shave or wash your car
*Water your lawn in early morning - one inch a week is good for your grass
*Take shorter showers - or a bath
*Run full loads - of dishes and clothes
*Water Plants - not the sidewalk
*Be smart - fix leaks

  Online Tax Payments 
   Online Water Bill Payments

There is a convenience fee charged directly by Point & Pay for credit card transactions and echecks. This fee is not collected, charged, or received by AuSable Township.

Water Bills are mailed the first week of every month. If you do not receive your water bill by the end of the second week, please call 739-1838 for your bill information.  Failure to receive bill does not waive past due penalty.



Charter Township of Au Sable
4420 N. U.S. 23
Au Sable, MI 48750

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