Zoning Ordinance

The current Zoning Ordinance for AuSable Township, Iosco County, Michigan is available as a downloadable .PDF file using the below button. We also have several Zoning Maps available for download as well. Please note that these files (especially the Zoning Ordinance) are somewhat large and may take some time to download to your computer.

Permits - The Superintendent is responsible for code enforcement within the township.  Violation notices are served each month for failure to draw permits for activities that Township ordinance require.  Fees for these permits are generally $20.00, whereas fines can range from $50.00 to $500.00 and could in some cases result in criminal or civil prosecution.  If you are not sure if you need a permit or not, feel free to call or stop in the township.   Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Active Ordinances


Ord No. 04 Junk Dealers         Ord No. 05 Hunting & Firearms  Ord No. 06 Liquor Control
Ord No. 08 Used Car Lots  Ord No. 12 Hunting Area Control  Ord No. 13 Safe Use of Waters
Ord No. 15 Snowmobile Ord No. 16 Unsafe Buildings Ord No. 21 State Construction Code Act 
Ord No. 24 Cross Connect Ord No. 25 Auctoneers Ord No. 26 Outdoor Gathering
Ord No. 27 Disorderly Conduct  Ord No. 28 Solicitation Ord No. 29 Create & Establish Historical Commission
Ord No. 31  Noise  Ord No. 35 Control Unauthorized Persons on School Property Ord No. 36 Litter
 Ord No. 37 Auctioneers Ord No. 41 Weed and Grass Control Ord No. 42 Sewer Rules and Regs
 Ord No. 45 Swim and Dive Bridges and Boat Launch Ramps Ord No. 47 Forest Road Connect Charge Ord No. 53 Danger Dwellings
Ord No. 60 Camping  Ord No. 63 Basic Cable TV Rate
Ord No. 64 MI Cons Gas Co Fran
 Ord No. 70 Est Connect Charge for          
AuSable-Oscoda Industrial Park Sanitary Sewer
 Ord No. 72 Consumers Energy Co
 Electric Franchise
Ord No. 73 Land Division
Ord No. 76 Water for AuSable Point Rd Project  Ord No. 83 Sewer Rates Ord No. 84 Water Rates
Ord No. 85 Group Insurance                                                             Ord No. 86 Cable Franchise with
 Charter Communications
Ord No. 87 Pension Plan                                                    
Ord No. 89 Ordinance Enforcement Officer Establish  Ord No. 90 Cash deposit as security payment of water-sewer Ord No. 93 Nuisance Abatement
 Ord No. 94 Property Maintenance Ord No. 96 ORV Ord No. 97 Burning Outdoor and Open
Ord No. 98 Civil Infractions  Ord No. 99 Blight  Ord No. 100 Junk Vehicle 
Ord No. 101 Regulate the Disposal of Garbage and Rubbish Ord No. 102 Parks Regulations Ord No. 103 Dumpster Days Operation and Use
Ord No. 106 Revised Fee Schedule                                                 Ord No. 108 Amended Floodplain Ordinance                                       Ord No. 109 Ground Water Contamination                         
  Ord No. 112 Water Sewer Lien Ordinance

Ord. No. 113 Medical Marihuana Facilities

Ord No 113 Amendment

Ord. No. 116 Fireworks
Ord. No 117 Recreational
Marihuana Opt Out
Ord. No 118  Vacant Property Registration Ord. No 119 AuSableTownship
Recreational Marihuana
Ord. No 120 Sewer Ord. Amendment 2020

Ord. No 121 Wireless Communications

Ord. No 122 Recreational Marihuana Ord. No 123 Bond Ordinance

Ordinance 124 Marihuana

Ordinance 125 Cash Deposit

Ordinance 126 Marihuana Class C Update

Ordinance 127 Utility Trailers

Ordinance 128 Pet Services

Ordinance 129 Floodplain Management

Ordinance 130 Daycare

Ordinance 131 Sewer Hookup

Ordinance 132 Property Use



2021 Zoning Map - 17"x11"
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2021 Zoning Map - 44"x34"
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