Sewer Extension Project

AuSable Township Residents

On Monday August 3, 2020, AuSable Township received an offer from the USDA for a 75% grant / 25% loan at 1.125% interest for the sewer extension project extending from the 4200’s on US 23 south to approximately 3008 US 23.  This letter is intended to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Which side of the road will this be placed?
The sewer extension will be placed in the right of way on the east side of US 23.  The limits of the right of way can be measured 100 feet from the center line of US 23 each way. The municipal sewer will serve both east and west sides of US 23.

When will the construction begin?
Construction is tentatively planned to start in January 2021 and completed in July 2021.

What about the bike path?
The Iron Belle Trail project is still in the works. There are delays due to Covid-19 and we do not have a new timeline yet.

What about the sewer lagoon project?
The lagoon preliminary engineering report has been completed; however, we separated the two projects to ensure that those landowners in desperate need of sewer could receive it as quickly as possible.  We will continue to investigate the feasibility of the lagoon project to stabilize sewer treatment costs for AuSable Township residents.

Will I have to connect to the sewer extension and when?
Per state law, if your residence is within 200 feet from the edge of the right of way, you must connect to the sewer.

Au Sable Township Ordinance Section II (d) states:

  • “In order to fully protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of the people of the Township, connection of all structures in which sanitary sewage originates to the Townships available public sanitary sewer system be and is hereby required.  Said connections shall be made within Ninety (90) days after (l) the publication of a notice by the Township of the availability of the system in a newspaper of general circulation within the township”

What do I do about my septic tank?
District Health Department No.2 has provided the following information.

Any sewage disposal system which is no longer in use and has been replaced by a connection to a municipal sewer, or a successor sewage disposal system, shall be abandoned in a manner so as to prevent a nuisance or hazard to public health.

  1. Septic Tanks

Any septic tank which is no longer in use shall be emptied by a licensed septage hauler and filled with clean compacted soil and/or aggregate.

(2)         Soil Absorption System Removal

When soil absorption system material is removed, the material shall be placed in an area that is at least fifty (50) feet from surface water, fifty (50) feet from all private wells, and seventy-five (75) feet from all Type II or III Public Water Supply wells.  The material shall be covered with at least six (6) inches of clean soil within twenty-four (24) hours. Any stone, drainpipe, blocks, or similar materials shall not be exposed to the ground surface.  The soil absorption system material shall not be placed within eighteen (18) inches of the seasonal high-water table.

(3)         Transport of Soil Absorption System Materials

When soil absorption system materials are removed from a premise, precautions shall be taken to prevent liquids and other materials from being released from the transport vehicle.

How will we connect to the new sewer system?
Property owners will need to hire a contractor to connect from the sewer lead at edge of the right of way to the building. That contractor will work in conjunction with AuSable Township DPW to ensure that installation is correct. You can contact the Oscoda AuSable Chamber of Commerce for a list of qualified contractors. Their number is 989-739-7322

Will there be a tap fee to connect?
There is no tap fee to connect to the sewer extension provided your connection is scheduled within 90 days of notification of completion and completed within 270 days of notice of completion. Once this term has expired, standard tap fees apply.  

Will there be a Special Assessment?
There is no special assessment for this project. However, there will be a monthly sewer debt fee that will be included with each billing to the customers along US 23 for this project. This fee will pay for the township’s loan portion of the project.   

How much will the sewer debt fee be?
Estimates right now are $24.00 a month. The final amount will be determined once the project is complete.

What other sewer use fees will be charged?
A monthly fee for the Township’s operations and maintenance costs and the treatment (gallonage) cost that AuSable currently pays to Oscoda Township. This cost will be based upon the Townships sewer use ordinance.

We hope that this communication helps answer your questions.  If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call the superintendent at 739-9169 or email her at superintendent@ausabletownship.net .


District Health Department 2 Letter of Support can be seen here



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