Due to the construction of the new sewer line along US-23, a portion of the bike path needed to be re-surveyed and engineered.  Engineers update May 5, 2022:

  1. Topo survey will be wrapped up next week.  Our crews have been depleted a bit in the last few weeks due to staff being sick.
  2. The wetlands will be flagged on or before May 20; required for the EGLE permit.
  3. Continuing to work on the EGLE permit.
  4. Design will begin within a few days of the topo being done.
  5. I’d like to set up our first review meeting, virtually or in person, towards the end of June.  We can determine the actual date in the coming weeks.

The total cost to build this section of the trail is estimated at $3,115,142.00.  Funding, at this time, totals $2,789.335.00, leaving the Township responsible for approximately $326,000.00.  We will be out pounding the pavement for donations this summer and  would appreciate any contribution offered. Donations: www.ioscoexplorationtrail.org/donate.html

Thank you,

Kelly Graham

AuSable Township Clerk